Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What To Eat On A Road Trip (When You're A Gluten Free Vegetarian)

I went on a two week road trip with three of my siblings in the beginning of May. The parks that we visited were all so beautiful, from Yellowstone to Yosemite to Death Valley. It was great to be able to travel across the country and see California for the first time. I visited seven new states, and I enjoyed the beauty of each one of them. 

Every road trip comes with a few fights (or maybe more than a few) some over-tiredness, and a bit of stress, but the one thing that can make any road trip great is the food. 

You might think that eating gluten free on a road trip is not possible. And you might think that a vegetarian who eats on the gluten free diet should not even attempt a road trip. 

But, I did. And I lived to tell about it. ;)

One warning I do have to give, though; DON'T RUN OUT OF FOOD.

I made that mistake near the end of the trip. I didn't run out, run out, exactly, but I had no more gluten free bread left, and it made the last couple of days a bit less enjoyable. Plan things out carefully, and you shouldn't have to experience the same pain that I did. Ha.

Below will be some tips of foods to bring along on a road trip, but first, here are some photos that I took at Yellowstone National Park.

All of the strange, unique features of Yellowstone were stunning. It was such a gorgeous place, but so cold! We slept in a tent, and it got to be 20 degrees at night. I might be from Wisconsin, but I was still freezing.

From Old Faithful to the trees, wildlife, and all of the other natural beauty in the park, Yellowstone may have been my favorite place that we visited on the road trip. It is always amazing to see just how many gorgeous places God has made, in this country alone.

It snowed while we were there. We woke and our tent was covered. It made for some pretty photos, though.

Now that I have convinced you through photos that you must visit Yellowstone National Park one day soon... how about some road trip food tips?

1. You must bring Ener-G Light Tapioca bread. I had a loaf, and it was delicious. It was slightly dry by the time that I got around to eating it, but if you bring mayo or another dressing along, that should do the trick. It was much better than other gluten free breads that I've had, and it held up well during the trip. Keep it in a box, so that it won't get crushed, and you will be good to go.

2. Pack plenty of gluten free chips. You need to treat yourself to something good when you are on a road trip, right? Two favorite chips of mine are Cheetos and Lay's Stacks. Both are gluten free and so good.

3. Bake up a bunch of muffins ahead of time. Muffins hold up better than most baked goods, plus they are perfect for breakfast on the road. Even if you are staying at hotels, the continental breakfast might not offer you all that you want. Bring some banana, chocolate, or pumpkin chocolate chip muffins along, and you will be set.

4. Bring applesauce pouches. They might seem like they are just for kids, but they are tasty, healthy, and good to have around when you just want to snack on something.

5. Don't forget to pack some protein bars. They will be a lifesaver when you need a meal in a hurry.

6. Protein drinks are great for breakfast, too. There are plenty of them out there that are gluten free, and you should stock up on them before you head out.

7. String cheese is another protein packed snack that you should have along. It will keep you feeling satisfied, and it is an easy item to pick up again during the trip if you need to restock on food.

8. If you are going on a long trip, then pack enough chickpea salad for just the first day (or bring plenty of ice along so that it will keep.) It is healthy, tasty, and the perfect on-the-go meal.

(creamy chickpea taco salad pictured above)

9. From M&Ms to Skittles to white chocolate bars and everything in between, don't forget to pack plenty of candy to keep you awake during the long hours on the road.

10. Canned beans will give you fiber and protein, and they are great eaten heated up over a campfire with tortilla chips and cheese.

11. Pack some corn tortillas in addition to the bread that you are bringing, and you will have them ready for sandwich making. They last better than the bread, and they are good eaten cold with a slice of cheese stuck inside.

Hopefully you will now feel inspired to go on a road trip yourself. It is possible to go and still have some good food to eat, even if you are a gluten free eating vegetarian like myself!

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