Saturday, October 24, 2015

One Year Blog Anniversary

One year ago tomorrow I posted the first recipe on this blog. It has been a great journey so far, and I can't wait to see this blog keep growing.

It has been fun to be able to share good gluten free recipes with everyone and to be able to learn through doing that. I have been doing more cooking and baking in this past year than ever before, and it has been great.

Here are a few of the recipes that have been the most popular on my blog during this first year.

And last but not least... Gluten Free Chocolate Brownie Cookies

I have discovered so many new, great foods over the past year, and I hope that everyone has enjoyed the recipes as much as I have! It has been a great year of learning, baking, cooking and eating. 
Here's to another great year of blogging gluten free foods that taste just as good as any gluten-filled foods!

-Auntie Bethany

p.s. Stay tuned for a giveaway tomorrow! Hint: it's something that you'll all love! ;)


  1. Happy blogiversary. :) That mac 'n cheese looks awesome!

  2. Happy Bloggerversary Bethany!!

    These photos and recipes look like a slice of gluten free heaven to me! How sweet of you to share you talents with the rest of us!!