Monday, January 2, 2017

I Am Grateful For 2016

Inspired by a post I saw on Instagram, I wanted to use this blog to fight back against the negativity that so many people associate with 2016.

There were so many good things that happened this past year in my life. And I'm sure that if you look back through the year and try to come up with 16 things that you are grateful for, too, it will be easier than you think.

1. Health. There is never a time in life when you should take your health for granted. I am grateful for the health I have been given this year.

2. Safety. Another thing that feels so generic, and yet, something that we should never take for granted, is safety. I am grateful that with all of the crazy, horrible things going on in the world, my family stayed safe this year.

3. My nephews and nieces. I gained two nephews this year, and I love them so much already - as well as my two older nephews and six nieces!

4. The recipe videos I've made. It has been a fun challenge to create recipe videos with my brother. I'm grateful for his ambition in recording and editing the videos.

5. Getting published. One of the biggest things that happened to me this year was getting published. My sister and I had been writing novels together for a few years before 2016, and in the beginning of the year a publisher reached out to us about the novel we had submitted to them for consideration. They sent us a contract shortly after, and No Longer Broken was released in July.

6. Growing in baking. It was such a fun year of baking. I am always happy when I learn something new and am able to create more recipes for my readers.

7. Learning more about food. This might not have been the healthiest year of eating, but I enjoyed going out to eat more often and getting to know more about the gluten free foods that are offered at restaurants.

8. Growing my blog. Seeing more people come to my blog and use my recipes is such an honor. I love sharing them with you, and I am glad to see my blog slowly growing.

9. Becoming a bit older and wiser. There is so much to learn each year, and I am grateful to have become a bit wiser this year.

10. Spending time with family. Family is a blessing, and I am grateful for the time that I was able to spend with my family this year - including seeing everyone over Christmas weekend.

11. Going to California. It is always an adventure to see more of the United States, and I am so glad that I got to visit Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Death Valley on a two week road trip with my siblings this past spring.

12. Getting my first car. Since I work from home, I don't drive all that often. But I am grateful for my new-to-me car and more trips to see my nieces and nephews.

13. A long summer. 2016 gave us a beautiful, long summer, and I loved every moment of it. All of the long walks. The parks we visited. The memories I made with my siblings.

14. A God who never changes. This should be first on the list because it is the most important thing to me. A God who never changes, who always loves me, and who is looking out for me, is something that I will forever be grateful for.

15. My job. I couldn't ask for a better job than I have. I love working from home.

16. My siblings and roommates. I share an apartment with three of my (eight) siblings. We moved together in the spring, and I am grateful for all of the memories that have been made since then.

So, bring on 2017. This past year was great, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

What are you grateful for that happened in 2016?

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  1. These are some great things to be thankful for! It's easy to take all of it for granted sometimes!